Fairy Town Pack

Fairy Town Pack

Create magical forests and wonderful gardens! With these softly designed graphics of the world of fairies you can create enchanting memories all on your own.


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Fairy Town Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



Let your next new, fun project start with a little inspirational help with these beautiful, charming art assets. This tilesets will bring you new ideas and inspiration to create magical forests and an enchanted Fairy Town!

Featuring all you need to create magical Fairy Towns with softly designed inside and outside tilesets as well as animated water tiles and much more!

Add new fun characters like a talking Giant Tree in your fantasy map while you enjoy the special 6 BGM bonus game audio tracks! Additionally, there's a full sheet of tilesets to create a modern city, so why not expand the map for extra adventures! 



  • Fairy inspired architecture, includes all you need to make forests, fairy towns, and cute buildings. Some of the tiles come in dark-lined and / or shadowed versions!
  • TileA2 / A4 tiles for floor, ground and wall etc.
  • TileB / TileC / TileD / TileE includes: fairy houses, nature, fountain, graves, sanctuary (pillars, statue, vines, etc...), furniture (shelves, tables, chairs, beds, fireplaces etc…) and more!
  • Animated water TileA1 for pond, lake etc. 
  • Characters: dungeon doors with magical feature (animation), apple trees, squid, elves, fairies with walking sprite and more!
  • 1 sheet giving you tricks on mapping
  • Bonus 1: Giant Fairy Tree character with talking animation!
  • Bonus 2: A full tile sheet to create a modern city!
  • Bonus 3: Music! 4 original songs by composers from England "the "Forest Elves" / 2 original songs by "PhoenixUp". Total of 6 BGM, formatted in M4A, OGG and WAV.
  • For use with RPG Makers ONLY!