FSM: Castle and Town Tiles

FSM: Castle and Town Tiles

From a Great Castle to a Town of Water with a beautiful canal, RPG worlds are filled with fantasy dwellings... and there's no better way to bring them to life than with a very special tileset!


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FSM: Castle and Town Tiles

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



A much anticipated pack in the FSM line for RPG Maker users is finally here!

Following the smash hit tileset packs from First Seed Material series (FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles and FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles,) this third pack includes a selection of both inside and outside castle and town tilesets with versatile and useful materials perfect for creating castles, towns and field around them.

A smattering of cute details brings in more of the charm that made FSM work in any type of setting. Additional sample game, manual and guide are included, complete with mapping tips and tricks!

This large and versatile set will allow you to create new areas with ease, while providing you with the tools to customize and improve your maps. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran, FSM: Castle and Town Tiles is a must-have in your RPG Maker resource library!

For use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!



Tilesets discribed below include: TileA1 / A2 / A4 / A5 / TileB / TileC / TileD / TileE

  • Interior Tileset for Castle: 26 sheets (13+13 night version)
  • Exterior Tileset for Castle: 16 sheets (8+8 night version)
  • Interior Tileset for Castle Town: 16 sheets (8+8 night version)
  • Exterior Tileset for Castle Town: 26 sheets (13+13 night version)
  • TileC includes: various beautiful furniture such as brick kitchen shelves and fireplaces, luxurious deco and funiture for king and queen's castle and much more!
  • TileD / TileE include: dungeon interiors such as cage-jail and jail bed, various garden deco, horse and wagon, gondola for canal, street stands, display boxes with various vegetables and fruits, displayed products for magic shop / tailor / weapon shop and much more!
  • Map helper (character sets of objects such as fountain, water objects, various flame / light features, various doors / gates, chests and much more!) total of 102 sheets!
  • Special extra tilesets: 16 sheets (*These tiles have to be edited with graphic editing software)
  • Sample game (fully localized in English) including project file that can be easily imported and used in your projects as well as various maps to discover and play!
  • Manual and guide with tips and tricks for using the material and for mapping!