Heroine Character Pack 2

Heroine Character Pack 2

No modern-day setting is complete without academia, and what better way to show off your schools than with a pack of fun and sweet school girl characters?!


Heroine Character Pack 1

Heroine Character Pack 2

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



Heroine Character Pack 2 contains 8 girl characters in school uniform, as well as an extra clothing variation for each girl, including maid outfits, santa suit and more!

Following up on Heroine Character Pack 1 created by Gee-Kun Soft, each character is designed to fit a common story archetype - from the cat-eared school girl to the cute maid!

But it's up to you to decide just what role they're going to play. With matching character sprites, battlers, SV battlers, facesets and portraits, you'll be able to choose if these heroines will be the party leaders or simply flesh out your world as NPCs.


  • 8 characters with 2 outfit options each, for a total of 16 walking character sprites
  • 208 front-facing battlers (static, 13 variations per character)
  • 16 side-view battlers (animated)
  • 16 facesets, with 8 emotions per character
  • 128 portrait bust images (8 busts per character, with emotions) 
  • BONUS: 16 pieces of large-scale full-character artwork
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  • This pack is for use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel games or the engine of your choice. However, you may not sell your created game if it’s made with game development software other than the RPG Maker franchise or Visual Novel Maker.

Heroine Character Pack 1 & 2 is a great match to modern guys in Parallel Worlds Character Pack.