Modern + Outer Basic  VX Ace

Modern + Outer Basic VX Ace

Modern RPGs need slick, trendy looks for tilesets, so here it is! Take it all in with this modern exterior tile pack for our VX Ace fans!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Modern + Outer Basic VX Ace

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace



Modern RPGs need slick and trendy looks for tilesets, so here it is! Take it all in with this modern exterior tile pack by Kaue Luchetta.

This VX Ace compatible tile pack contains lots of interesting must-have tiles for modern city exteriors focusing on residential and general town scenes.

Includes basic exterior tileset and varieties of modern side-view cars and char-set of doors, realistic street and parking signs, big advertisments, food trucks and round swimming pool plus more... all new fun and interesting details to add to your modern story settings!

Become your own city planner and decorate your town with style!


Note: This pack contains assets which differ slightly from the MV version. You can check out the MV compatible one here! ==>Modern + Outer Basic

  • Tile A2 / A4 / A5 (ground, concrete, parking, floor, wall etc.)
  • Exterior Tile residential: house roofs, fences, round pool, plants, hose, garbage can, garage door and more!
  • Exterior Tile for towns and suburbs: street signals, various signs, dumpster, gate fence, graffiti, windows, food trucks, benches, tables, gas station items, car wash, ATM, parking meter, advertisement signs, trees, tire swing, and more!
  • Doors x 6 styles in several colors
  • Side-view Car: various modern-world vehicles in several colors each, over 40 graphics!
  • Bonus 1: Bridge tileset
  • Bonus 2: Little shop interior tiles with shopping baskets, product shelf etc.
  • For use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!
  • Check out the Modern Interior Tile Pack created by the same artist here! --> Modern + Inner Basic Tiles VX Ace