Vamwolf Cross† Collection

Vamwolf Cross† Collection

Explore the castles and forest of the parallel world and bring a touch of danger to your Visual Novel Maker projects!


Heroine Character Pack 1

Vamwolf Cross† Collection

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A series of grisly murders paints a picture of danger in modern Japan. The curious state of the victims suggest something supernatural is at the root of the case, but it will be up to the Vamwolf hunters to unravel the mystery - that is if they can first deal with romantic rivalries and whispers of betrayal in their midst!

This is the world of 「Vamwolf Cross†」, an enchanting visual novel published by D3 Publisher. Add a dash of mystery and a splash of style with the main and supporting cast of 「Vamwolf Cross†」and its gorgeous settings for use in your non-commercial VNM projects!

This pack includes 9 expressions for 5 main characters with two clothing options, 4 expressions for 6 supporting cast and 29 locations - including both environments of everyday life (such as apartment building, rooms, dining area and more!) and environments for adventure and romance (church, hospital, restaurant, beach and more!).



  • 5 lead characters with 2 clothing options and 9 expressions each: Nagisa, Ryunosuke, Shuichi, Yuya, Keidai
  • 6 sub characters with 4 expressions each: Soichiro, Kosaka, Kadowaki, Sukiin, Blackvampire, Scarletvampire
  • Most of these facial expressions have 2-4 patterns as detailed expressions for animations, such as "openeyetaiki" for Idle expression talking with eyes open, "openeyekaiwa" for Talking expression with eyes open, "closeeyetaiki" for Idle expression talking with eyes closed, "closeeyekaiwa" for Talking expression with eyes closed.
  • 71 Backgrounds from 29 locations; some of these locations have Morning / Evening / Night / Night lights on or off versions, makes a total of 71 background graphics. Details as follows: Apartment Outside, Heroine room, Nagisa room, Shuichi room, Ryunosuke room, Yuya room, Keidai room, First floor Hallway, Second floor Hallway, Apartment Dining, Dressing room, Balcony, Courtyard, Chapel, Church Basement, Hospital Hallway, Hospital Private room, Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, Museum, Stations Front, Riverbed, Residential area, Park, Beach, Forest, Ruin, Shipboard


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