VitaminX Collection vol.2

VitaminX Collection vol.2

The elite crew from「VitaminX」is ready to once again take center stage in your non-commercial Visual Novel projects!


Heroine Character Pack 1

VitaminX Collection vol.2

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From D3 PUBLISHER comes another stylish set of characters and backgrounds from the fan-favorite「VitaminX」universe.

The beloved teacher team T6 and student team B6 are ready for action, romance and more!

Volume 2 includes sportswear, waiter uniforms, swimwear and formal outfits - along with a variety of expressions and moods. A sparkly ballroom background is there to help you illustrate a magnificent space for dancing, romantic encounters or confrontations between rivals.

Whether you want to create just one more adventure for B6 or want to illustrate your own love story, VitaminX Collection vol. 2 is a must-have addition to your Visual Novel asset library.

As a special bonus, Volume 2 includes 6 music tracks that will help you bring your「VitaminX」game to life!





  • 6 main male-characters (aka Student team B6): Tsubasa(真壁翼)、Hajime(草薙一)、Shun(七瀬瞬)、Kiyoharu(仙道清春)、Goro(風門寺悟郎)、Mizuki(斑目瑞希)
  • Above comes with Love Uniform, Study Uniform, Sportswear, Waiter, Swimwear, Formal, University Student Outfit. Each comes with 9 expressions
  • 6 male-teacher characters (aka T6): Katsuragi(葛城銀児)、Ootori(鳳晃司)、Kunokage(九影太郎)、Nikaido(二階堂衝)、kinugasa(衣笠正次郎)、Sanada(真田正輝). Each comes with suits and casual clothes with 9 expressions
  • 1 heroine character comes with 9 expressions and dress
  • Additionally, Goro(風門寺悟郎)comes with Cheerleader, University Student Male, University Student Female (cross-dressing) and Dress!
  • Background graphic: VitaminX Ballroom sparkle
  • 6 BGM come in OGG format. ①VitaminX_BGM01(相も変らぬdays)②VitaminX_BGM02(幸せGreen)③VitaminX_BGM03(chotto・matte・yo) ④VitaminX_BGM04(孤独Heart) ⑤VitaminX_BGM05(SOLIDWAX-硬直-) ⑥VitaminX_BGM06(BLACKBEAT-under mix-)
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