Eberouge Background Image Pack 2

Eberouge Background Image Pack 2

Upgrade your characters' daily lives at school with 38 fantastic backgrounds!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Eberouge Background image Pack 2

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV


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Created by Five Happiness, Eberouge Background image Pack 2 features 38 backgrounds including school fields, hallways, principal's office, bedroom, tennis court, and much more!

These school and every day backgrounds are perfect settings to help you bring your stories to life!





  • 38 backgrounds
  • Beautiful realistic images such as; field, hallway, classroom, floor image, lecture hall, principal's office, bedroom, gym, tennis court, library, stage, staircase, tree-lined road, school's back yard, cloud, school buildings
  • Backgrounds for school scenarios, modern settings and more!
  • For use in RPG Makers or the engine of your choice!