TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.2

TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.2

Friend or foe? Your choice to choose. Let your creative ideas lead you with these battlers from TOKIWA GRAPHICS!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.2

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



Entice all game players to enter your world! TOKIWA GRAPHICS presents 2 packs of classic monsters you will love. The second monster pack includes a mysterious Slime with unusual colors and a shy Mandragora!

This pack contains popular and well-known monsters with unique design twists. Some are even cute and adorable enough to join the main party!

These monsters are crafted delicately to match to the 4 color-variations of the background graphics. For the sunset background you can use sunset-compatible monsters. You can enjoy the flawless graphic images in your game by combining with other TOKIWA GRAPHICS background series!



Background graphics and Tile graphic shown in the samples below are NOT included in this pack.