Future Fantasy

Future Fantasy

Time warp into the FUTURE! FUTURE FANTASY is the latest expansion to the Time Fantasy graphics series -- take your game into the next era!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Future Fantasy

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace



This expansion pack is designed to bring your Time Fantasy world into the future! The FUTURE FANTASY collection is based around two themes that integrate together: the modern city and the sci-fi world of tomorrow.

This set includes 25+ new tilesets: everything you need to make a futuristic space station, complete with computer terminals and science equipment. A machine factory with moving conveyer belts, or a damp junkyard with concrete pipes and rusted cars, are perfect locations for dungeons. And of course a future setting isn't complete without a dark cyberpunk city. A more modern city is included too, with roads, highways, and modern-style houses for a suburban town. Modern interiors, with kitchen appliances, TVs, computer desks and more.

The collection includes over 50 character sprites, ranging from sci fi soldiers and mechanics to scientists and cyborgs to city police and urban punks. Four new hero characters have fully-animated side-view battlers!




  • Over 50 new character sprites!
  • 12 Modern tilesets! Towns and cities with interior and exterior, even a junkyard
  • 12 Sci Fi tilesets! Space station, science lab, machine factory, and a cyberpunk city.
  • 4 new animated Side-View Battlers (MV) for heroes.
  • Animated object sprites: flashing computer screens, moving conveyer belts, cars and treasure chests.
  • Compatible with RPG Maker VX-Ace and MV!
  • Fully compatible with previous Time Fantasy style graphics! Click here to check out these DLCs! --> Time Fantasy, Time Fantasy: Winter Tiles, Time Fantasy: Farm and Fort, Time Fantasy: Ship, Omega Modern Graphics Pack
  • The contents and assets of this pack can ONLY be used for RPG Maker series.