Japanese School Girls Vol.3

Japanese School Girls Vol.3

Japanese School Girls Vol.3 expresses the fun, carefree, exciting world of teenage girls! 


Japanese School Girls Vol.1

Japanese School Girls Vol.3

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace VN Maker

Now you can add more female voices to your game! Japanese School Girls Vol.3 brings you a big and varied collection common / general sayings, sounds and sentences. Short, punctual and useful phrases to make your visual novel come alive!

Performed by a professional voice actress with many clips covering the whole spectrum of emotion.


  • 226 voice phrases, saying and clips.
  • many emotions / situations and common every-day phrases included
  • .M4A and .OGG format included. 

Track List



  • Pleasure (laugh, yes!, giggle...) 20 clips
  • Angry (huh!, how should I know!, oh, gosh!...) 21 clips
  • Sorrow (that's not true, I don't know, I see...) 21 clips
  • Happy (I like you, humming, That's funny!...) 20 clips
  • Surprised (wow, really?, what?...) 20 clips
  • Greetings (morning!, sorry it took so long, over here... ) 20 clips
  • Shy (sigh, No!, ah...) 21 clips
  • Responses (right, and?, I'll do it!...) 21 clips
  • Sweet (can't I?, you're so mean, hey, listen...) 21 clips
  • Shock (I can't believe it!, Really?, Goodness!...) 19 clips
  • Breathing 22 clips