Retro Fantasy Music Pack

Retro Fantasy Music Pack

Blast the past with 20 classic JRPG-style tunes of high flying fantasy from composer Joel Steudler! Outfit your bravest heroes with bold melodies. Also includes 20 Music Events!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Retro Fantasy Music Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace VN Maker


Bring the golden era sound of JRPGs to your game with 20 tracks of high fantasy from composer Joel Steudler!

Memorable melodies recall the classic soundtracks of the 16-bit and 32-bit console era and fill your game with nostalgic charm. Adventure, action and emotion fill this pack.

This music pack also includes 20 Music events in a fun, classic retro style for all kinds of situations.



  • 20 BGM tracks suitable for battle, dungeons, field, themes, and towns!
  • 20 Music Events for memorable moments!
  • .ogg and .m4a formats included.

Track List

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