RMBoy Graphics Pack

RMBoy Graphics Pack

Super vintage, super cool! RMBoy Graphics has great retro 4-color Game Boy themed assets that will surely find a home in your retro themed RPG game!


Town of Seasons

RMBoy Graphics Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV



Create games with an original retro feel! With this 4 color palette, including a really cool plugin that lets you limit the screen to 4 colors, each map can have its own unique palette!

Featuring retro tilesets, animations, walking sprites, sideview battlers and 31 vintage-sounding SFX!

This super vintage, super cool, well rounded pack will help you start or add onto your retro themed RPG game!




  • 7 attacking-effect animations
  • 4 animation sprites: (Balloon, Boat, Crystal, Door)
  • 4 Front-view /  4 Side-view battlers (Bat, Bee, Slimes)
  • 6 Walking sprites (4 people, 2 thieves) 
  • Tile A1, A2, A3 (ground tiles, floor tiles, water tiles, cave tiles etc.)
  • Tile A4, A5 (wall tiles, cliff tiles etc.)
  • Tile B (Exterior tiles of trees, grass, signs, castles and more!)
  • Tile C, Tile D, Tile E (Interior tiles of bed and furniture, gate for a jail / prison for dungeon setup, teddy bears for table decor.)
  • Extras for parallax mapping or control over certain auto tiles without needing shift mapping.
  • Basic system graphics such as retro-style icons and window!
  • "RMB cover" and more!
  • 7 Example maps and Pallete plugin files for your convienient use.
  • 31 Retro style SE (sound effects) in .ogg  and .m4a format.