Time Fantasy: Japan

Time Fantasy: Japan

Pixel art tiles and characters inspired by Japan! An expansion to the Time Fantasy RPG asset series.


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Time Fantasy: Japan

Optimized for: RPG Maker MVRPG Maker VX-Ace



The fantastic pixel world of Time Fantasy goes to the far east!!

This collection of high-quality pixel-art assets includes everything you need to create a Japanese-inspired area for your game world. A variety of locations are possible: Japanese castles, shrines, bamboo forests, bonsai gardens, and more.

With two new terrain tilesets-- for interiors and exteriors-- as well as six object-layer tilesets. Populate the land with ten original character sprites-- including a ninja and a samurai both of which have Animated Side-View Battler graphics.

Expand your game world with Time Fantasy: Japan!


  • TileA1 / TileA2 / TileA5: (water, ground, wall, nature etc.)
  • Exterior tiles: Bamboo forest, dragon statues, torii gates, lanterns, bonsai trees, koi pond, japanese-style homes and castles, banners, fences, and more!
  • Interior tiles: Tatami mat flooring, animated sliding doors, butsudan shrines, irori (indoor fire pit), daisho stands, decorative swords, buddha statues, masks, kimonos and samurai armor, traditional tables with tea set, seating cushions, beds, and more!
  • 8 new characters with Walking Sprites in Japanese-style clothing
  • Samurai and Ninja with Walking Sprites and Animated Side-View Battlers
  • Bonus Sprites: Monk Walking Sprites / Monk Animated Side-View Battlers / Fish Swimming Sprites
  • Plus 1x1 scale Tiles for RPG Maker 2000 / 2003
  • Files formatted for easy use in RPG Maker MV and VX Ace
  • Check out Time Fantasy series here--> Time Fantasy Resource Pack, Time Fantasy: Winter Tiles, Time Fantasy: Farm and Fort, Time Fantasy: Ship
  • This pack is licenced for use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel Maker or the engines of your choice!