Old School Modern Graphics Pack 2

Old School Modern Graphics Pack 2

Even more resources to help you capture that retro modern flair.


Old School Modern Tile Pack One

Old School Modern Graphics Pack 2

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace

Old School Modern 2 was created to help you achieve the nostalgic ambiance of the retro pixel style.

With a focus on characters and battlers, this add-on pack expands the variety of resources offered by the first Old School pack. NPCs fit into the modern world, playing roles that range from an army of soldiers to football cheerleaders. Monsters come in classic varieties, from beasts and insects to vampires and zombies. There are a few surprise monsters sprinkled into the mix, such as a carnivore toilet and a monster-in-the-trashcan. Lastly, this pack features a TileB overworld, a much needed piece that can be used to create world maps.

This pack contains:

  • Old school style reminiscent of games like Pokemon and Earthbound.
  • 12 full character sheets. That means 96 character sprites!
  • 79 pixel battlers.
  • Matching characters and battlers that allow you to create realistic touch encounters.
  • TileB overworld, with details to match the Old School 1 tiles.
  • Bonus: Click here to download free graphical assets for use with Luna Engine!