Sci-Fi Audio Bundle

Sci-Fi Audio Bundle

Bundle and save with this Sci-Fi audio duo!


Sci-Fi Music Pack

Sci-Fi Audio Bundle

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace  Also works with: RPG Maker MVRPG Maker XP

Want both sci-fi music and sci-fi sound effects? We've got you covered!

Sci-Fi Audio Bundle contains both the Sci-Fi Music pack and the Sci-Fi Sound Effects in one convenient and discounted package. Enjoy 25 BGMs and over 300 sound effects, plus bonus content!

This pack contains:

  • 25 BGM tracks suitable for battle, dungeons, field, menus, and towns!
  • BONUS CONTENT includes 4 additional tracks of music and 10 useful music events (MEs) that are great for transitions or short moments that need an extra touch!
  • 300 scifi SFX! Blasters, beeps, strange noises, powerups, and other otherworldly audio!
  • BONUS CONTENT includes 5 tracks of atmospheric BGM soundscape!
  • .wav, .ogg, and .mp3 formats included.
  • Royalty free music to use in your commercial and non-commercial RPG/IG Maker projects.