Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack

Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack

What's an adventure without some hidden places to explore?


Evil Castle Tiles

Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace

The Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack contains the basics you'll need to create a dark and mysterious cave, the sweltering inside of a volcano, and a packed dungeon store room.

Whether you're looking to create winding passages or simple open rooms, this pack includes details and personal touches that will make each map stand out.


  • A smooth, painterly style similar to the Sci Fi, Halloween, Evil Castle, Royal and Dungeon & Volcanoes tile packs.
  • Autotiles and tilesets for three distinct areas: purple cave, volcano interior, and dungeon store room.
  • Animated tile pieces, including a functioning furnace, torch, oil lamp, and lava.
  • Decorative tile details including a golden cannon, statue, well, and armor racks.