Sci-Fi Tiles

Sci-Fi Tiles

Embark upon a mining expedition in deep space!


Halloween Tiles Resource Pack

Sci-Fi Tiles Resource Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace

Sleek high-tech machinery, metal and glowing lights are at the core of this fantastic new pack.

Inspired by some of our favorite science-fiction universes, this pack is filled with details you'll need to create the inside of a spaceship, as well as a mining expedition among an alien landscape. Created in the same painterly style as Halloween, Evil Castle, Dungeons & Volcanoes and Royal packs, this unique set of tiles is the perfect addition to your growing library of resources.


  • A smooth, painterly style like the one you'll find in the Halloween, Evil Castle, Royal Tiles and Dungeon & Volcanoes tile packs.
  • Animated lava autotiles, spaceship walls, alien cliffs and a variety of floors.
  • High-tech machinery, including teleportation points, specimen chambers, computer consoles and more.
  • Glowing minerals and decorations for deep space exploration and mining.