• 2018-04-06
    Time Fantasy: Side-View Animated Battlers
    We're proud to announce a brand new addition to the Time Fantasy line- Side-View Animated Battlers! Optimized for RPG Maker MV, this comprehensive pack includes animated battlers from Time Fantasy and Time Fantasy: Monsters packs. With 80 characters, you're bound to find the perfect fighter for your retro RPG Maker projects.

    Click here for more details and to purchase from the RPG Maker Web store.

    As a thank you for being patient and loyal Time Fantasy customers, we've added a free update to Time Fantasy: Monsters -- 77 MV-sized static battlers!
    If you've purchased Time Fantasy: Monsters via the RPG Maker Web store, simply log into your account and click on the Time Fantasy: Monsters order to grab the new download files.