• 2018-08-23
    New Release: Town of Seasons - Interiors! Deal of the Week: Katakura Hibiki’s MV Monsters Vol 1
    Another Thursday, another week of releases! This week, we have a single new pack for you to check out. So let's get right into it!

    Town of Seasons Interiors
    As August comes to an end and September begins, the seasons begin to change, and with that change, let's look at an expansion to the Town Of Seasons tileset with Town of Seasons Interiors!

    Town of Seasons Interiors includes a Tile A2, A4, and B-E sets designed to expand on the original Town of Seasons style, giving you everything you need to make the insides maps for a cozy cabin, or a luxurious home!

    Click here for more details and to purchase from the RPG Maker Web store.

    Additionally, for our Deal of the Week, enjoy the Katakura Hibiki's MV Monsters Vol 1 for 50% off!