• 2018-10-26
    New Release: Add On Pack Vol 1-4 + Bundle!
    This week in releases, we have something special for you! The Steam MV Season Pass has finally made it to the RPG Maker Web Store!

    Add On Pack Vol 1-4

    The RPG Maker MV Add-on Pack (Knows as the MV Season Pass on Steam!) consists of 4 individual volumes.

    Volume 1: RM2K REARRANGE SOUNDTRACK & SE, features Music and Sound effects remastered from RPG Maker 2000, ready to use in MV!
    Volume 2: RM2K HERO CHARACTER PACK, gives you the classic RPG Maker 2000 heroes, in RPG Maker MV format!
    Volume 3: Train Tileset contains the tiles and sprites needed to bring your own train set to life in game!
    Volume 4: Kid Generator Parts is exactly what it says on the tin: 134 parts to make child characters in the Generator!

    Each pack is available individually, but we encourage you to pick up the full pack! Available for 30% off as our DEAL OF THE WEEK!

    Click here for more details and to purchase from the RPG Maker Web store.