• 2019-02-28
    Due to International Privacy Laws, Sales Support ending for purchases before September 12th, 2013
    Thanks for using RPG Maker Web.
    Due to International Privacy Laws, we will be unable to keep customer records beyond a certain length of time. As such, we must end sales support of all RPG Maker products purchased before September 12th, 2013 through any store which DEGICA operated and/or had a sales support window. This will go into effect April 30th, 2019.
    Technical support will continue for all users.

    【What is included in Sales Support?】
    As we will have to remove all payment and customer data before this point, it will be impossible for us to do any of the following:

    1: Confirmation of payment status
    2: Confirmation of order status
    3: Inquiries regarding lost license codes.

    Any inquiries involving bugs/crashes/other technical issues, will continue to be handled normally.

    【End of Sales Support】
    April 30th, 2019

    Thank you for your time, and we look forward to your continued support of the RPG Maker Web.

    Best regards.