• 2019-02-28
    New Release: Beast Man Generator
    It's time to release the beast!

    Man Generator that is.

    We've released Generator parts before, but it was always about just more stuff, this time, its about doing something different. With new body types and face pieces, you can now not just make humans with different accessories, now, you can make Beast Men!

    With options for catlike beastmen, canine beastmen, and lizard beastmen, this new pack will give you a whole new world of potential NPCs!

    Click here for more details and to purchase from the RPG Maker Web store.

    Also be sure to read the tutorial on how to use the body templates from the blog!

    And with all those new beastmen, it's a good time to get some cool sfx to go with them, so why not pick up the Creature Feature SFX pack, our Deal of the Week, for 50% off!