• 2019-03-08
    New Release: Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol.1
    Time Marches on, so let us have our first release day of March!

    Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol.1
    What is that around the corner? What is that under the bed? Why did this happen? All the questions your player might be asking themselves in your game of mystery and horror, but you have to ask yourself, is the music asking the same?

    Bitter Sweet Entertainment brings a new music pack: Mysterious Unresolved Sounds Vol.1, 40 tracks designed for mystery, suspense, and drama. With these sounds, your player will always catch that feeling of unease when they step into a crime scene.

    Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

    And to perfectly pair with all that mysterious air, combo it with the Mythos Horror Resource Pack, 50% off as our deal of the week!