• 2019-03-22
    New Release: Mythos Reawakening
    Something stirs far beneath the waves this release day. A horror beyond imagining... but let's imagine it anyway!

    The Mythos Reawakening pack from PVGames brings the horror of the famed Cthulhu Mythos directly to your game! 53 Tile Sheets, 27 Large Tile Assets, 140 Premade Buildings, 10 Animated Tile Sheets, 12 horrific monsters, 6 background images, 24 unique characters, and 12 preconstructed rooms ready to bring the eerie feel of the unknown to your players.

    The Mythos Reawakening pack also matches the extensive Medieval MV series from PVGames as well, so you can pair the rise of Cthulhu with some old castles or even have Cthulhu's awakening in the 1300s, a unique take on the Mythos!

    Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

    And to finish off our release day, let's take a look at our Deal of the Week! 50% off Survival Horror Music Megapack vol.2 until next Thursday!