• 2019-05-10
    New Release: Dragons Den Resource Pack!
    Golden Week is over and its time for us to get back to work releasing fantastic RPG Maker DLC! After a light week of work, trust me, it feels like going into the.... Dragon's Den.

    From Joel Steudler, you too can send people into the Dragon's Den with the Dragon's Den Resource Pack! Featuring Tiles, dragon themed side view enemy battlers & sprites, Battle Backgrounds, and facesetes!

    But that's not all, to bring the Dragon's Den to life, you'll also find 10 draconic music tracks, and a plethora of dragon roars, growls, and fire breath! Top it all off with some taunting lines from the Dragon's servants, and you'll have the perfect den to challenge your players!

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

    And with our return also comes the return of the Deal of the Week! Pick up Medieval: Interiors for 50% off this week!