• 2019-06-07
    New Release: Visustella Modern City Vol 1
    Release Week, and this week, we expand from school, to the city!

    Visustella Modern City Vol. 1
    Visustella Modern City Vol. 1 expands the style originally used in Visustella School Horror Vol. 1, taking the game from the books, to the streets! Use this pack to expand on your School Horror game, or to start a whole new game!

    Featuring a A2-A5 and B-E tileset pieces, Visustella Modern City will make mapping your city a breeze. And then populate it with 100+ character sprites. Bring it to life with cars, trucks, doors, and more animated pieces! And round out the whole game with a new windowskin.

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

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