• 2019-06-21
    New Release: Fantasy RPG ME Perfect Collection
    It's release day, and we're in the mood for something classic!

    And what is more classic than high fantasy RPG SNES Sound!

    This week from TK.Projects, we have the Fantasy RPG ME Perfect Collection! 100 Music Effects ready to round out the sound of your game!

    All of these Music Effects are played out in classic SNES Synth style, taking you right back to the days of some of the most iconic and influential RPGs of all time.

    Finish out your battles and events with style, with the Fantasy RPG ME Perfect Collection!

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

    And this week for our deal of the week, to accompany the old school sound effects, why not grab the RMBoy Graphics Pack for 50% off!