• 2019-07-01
    Important Update: Elemental Dungeon Tiles DLC! READ!
    Important update from Degica regarding Elemental Dungeons Tiles DLC.

    Recently we discovered there are contents in “Elemental Dungeons Tiles” DLC pack that are too similar and possibly plagiarized from another creators DLC. After looking into the issue we made the difficult decision to stop selling Elemental Dungeons Tiles on all our platforms (Steam, rpgmakerweb and tkool). After close inspection of the issue we can’t support sales of assets that appear to have been plagiarized from another content creator. We take the protection of individuals copyrights and intellectual property very seriously and felt this measure was warranted and needed to protect the parties involved and prevent this from happening again in the future. We wish to extend our apologies to the affected parties and also our customers who have already purchased this DLC.

    In terms of EULA, the license for this pack will be honored as is for purchases made on or before June 28 2019. Please read the revised and updated EULA (red text is updated):

    New EULA.

    If you bought this pack and wish for a refund please contact support@rpgmakerweb.com.

    We appreciate your ongoing support and will do our best to ensure our customers are protected from this happening again in the future.