• 2019-07-05
    New Release: Visual Novel ME Perfect Collection
    The start of another fine month of releases, and this month we're going to jump into a DLC for both Visual Novel Maker and RPG Maker!

    Visual Novel ME Perfect Collection
    From prolific RM composer TK.Projects, Visual Novel ME Perfect Collection brings one hundred new Music Events to your Visual Novel Maker or RPG Maker project. Happy! Horror! Shock! Sadness! This pack contains plenty of emotive music events to dress up your scenes, and help pull the player into the game!

    And on top of the emotions for your scenes, you have Fanfare, Inn, ItemGet, Save to pull together your RPG Maker projects!

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

    And to round out the first release of the month, let's see our Deal of the Week! Fantastic Buildings: Modern for 50% off!