• 2019-08-16
    New Releases: Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack, Battle Girl Characters Pack 1
    It is release day again, but first, let's have a little reminder that the RPG Maker Web Summer Special Sale is still ongoing! Up to 80% off everything in our store, from engines to DLC! In addition, we are running the Original Character Contest again this year. No art skills needed, so jump on over to our forums and become the face of RPG Maker for the next year!

    And now, what you are really here for: What's new today?

    Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack
    Ever wanted to do weapons with different looks in combat, but never had enough variation to do a whole game? Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack has you covered. With 12 Short Swords, 12 Greatswords, 24 Staves, 24 Magical Wands, 12 Axes, 12 Spears, 12 Small Blades, 12 Bows, 12 Flails and 12 Scepters, you'll not only have enough to make a game, you'll have enough to make an epic!

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

    Battle Girl Characters Pack 1
    These school girls aren't demure, they're ready to rumble. Battle Girl Characters Pack 1 hits the scene with 8 female characters, each with 3 outfits: School Uniform, Nurse, and Fantasy Battler. Each comes with a sprite, sideview battler, and emotion sets for their Uniform and Nurse outfits, and enemy battlers, busts, facesets for all three! In addition, you also get 28 modern/future backgrounds for them to explore!

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.