• 2019-08-22
    Three new releases & our Summer Special Sale Continues!

    It's release day, as well as the beginning of the last week of our Summer Special Sale! Be sure to check out all the deals, but now, on to our releases!

    We may be still celebrating the Summer Special Sale, but if there is one thing I've learned from my online friends its that you can never start celebrating Halloween too early. So spice up your games with some spooky zombies! And not just any spooky zombies, but zombies you build yourself in the character generator.

    Pick up the Zombie Man Generator on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

    And while you are in the mood for spooky, composer Brandon Purvis has the soundtrack to round it out. A collection of 10 songs, some sad, some spooky, but always haunting, The Haunting Melodies music pack will set up the slow moments of your horror game.

    Check out Haunting Melodies on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.

    But I mean, this is a horror game with zombies. Can't be slow all the time, so ayato sound create has the perfect sound to fill in those intense moments! Metal. Brutal Crisis features 14 hard hitting pieces that will rock your players to the core,

    Take a listen to Brutal Crisis on the RPG Maker Web Store and on Steam.