• 2019-09-19
    New Releases: TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack S No.01 & No.02
    Thursday has arrived, and its time for some more releases. And this week, our releases have evolved!

    Our four enemies from Classic Monsters Pack No.1 are back, but this time, they're more skilled. More powerful! The Goblin, Undead, Little Dragon, & Hornet, have now each taken on more and evolved into the Goblin Shaman, Cursed Undead, Evil  Dragon, & Red Beetle!

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    Our fiends from the Classic Monsters Pack No.2 have not been idle, either, and they too have grown in strength. Our Slime, Mandragora, Lizardman, & Bat have hit the metaphorical gym, and have returned as the Slime Jelly, Mandrake, Lizard Warrior, & Imp!

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    And for our deal of the week: Creature Feature SFX 50% off!