• 2019-11-18
    EULA Updates: Tyler Warren Battler Packs, Content Updates: Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles
    Hello everyone, we have a few updates on some of our existing RPG Maker DLC! Don't worry, it's all good news.

    Tyler Warren Battler Packs

    First up, many of our Tyler Warren Battler Packs are getting updated EULAs. The new EULAs will expand the allowed use: "for use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice". Additionally Adult, Gore, and Edits are all allowed.

    This change applies to all Tyler Warren Battler Packs EXCEPT Tyler Warren's RTP Redesign 1. Please redownload these packs on Steam or from the RMW store to get the updated EULA.

    Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles

    For the Samurai Japan: Castle Tiles, we have updated some of the contents, sct_TileA1.png & sct_TileA1_2.png, for higher quality. To get the new, higher quality versions, redownload the dlc from the store!