• 2019-12-27
    Time Fantasy EULA Updates, Shrouded Wonder Music Pack File Updates
    Hi everyone, we hope you are enjoying the holidays! Today, we have some changes to a few packs that we’d like to tell you about.
    First up, almost all of the materials by the Time Fantasy creator are getting an EULA update. All of the following packs are now allowed to be used in Non-RPG Maker Projects:

    All Time Fantasy packs other than the Time Fantasy Resource Pack & Time Fantasy Sideview Animated Battlers
    Future Fantasy
    Omega Modern Graphics Pack
    Pixel Animations
    Old School Modern Graphics Pack 1 & 2

    In addition, we have updated and fixed the OGG files in the Shrouded Wonder Music Pack.
    These updates are on both Steam and on RPGMakerWeb. Steam should automatically update your files, for the RPGMakerWeb Store, please sign into your account and redownload the packs!