• 2020-02-21
    New Releases - Heroine Character Generator 5, Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.5
    It's release day, but first, have you hear of our lord and saviour the RPG Maker Day Sale?

    One more week of huge discounts await on the RPGMakerWeb Store, so jump on over and see what cool new packs you can get.

    But enough talk, have at the new packs!

    First up, we have the latest Heroine Character Generator pack! Heroine Character Generator 5 from Gee-kun-soft features even more amazing components to use with the RPG Maker MV character generator: 20 sets of clothes, 7 accessories, 5 eye sets, 5 front hairs, 5 rear hairs, and more!

    Read more on the RPGMakerWeb Store or on Steam!

    And for our second pack, Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.5 has dropped! Again featuring 126 Japanese phrases to use with attacks, victory, damage, and many more. This pack features the perfect voice for an adult male with some serious cool.

    Read more on the RPGMakerWeb Store or on Steam!

    But that isn't all! We have a few updates to existing packs as well! Let's run them down:

    Tyler Warren RPG Battler's Pixel Style 1, 2, and 3 add a new palette to match the Time Fantasy Resources! Those that already purchased them can redownload from their purchases, or through Steam. For those that haven't: well they are on sale right now!

    Fantasy Heroine Character Pack 2 was missing some of the enemy battlers fro the RPGMakerWeb download. We've fixed this and it's now all in there. Please redownload from your account to get the rest of the battlers!