• 2020-03-27
    New Releases - Medieval Asian Fantasy Weapons Pack, Spirits of Adventure
    We've almost marched right out of March! But there is still time for one more release day, so let's get started!

    Getting ready to create your Asian themed epic, or just adding some Asian flair to your existing project? Then fill out your weapons with the 144 new weapons of the Medieval Asian Fantasy Weapons Pack! Katanas, Nunchuku, Katar, and more! 14 Asian weapon types added to your game, plus an MV style Iconset to go with it!

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    Irish composer Aedan Gerhart Sherry brings us the Spirits of Adventure! An inspiring and emotional 14 tracks will bring a new dimension to your game, from the ominous sounds of 'Evil Entities' to the calm tones of 'Breaking Light' this pack provides a lot of feeling for your game.

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    And finally, for our Deal of the Week, you can get 50% off the Medieval Fantasy Weapons Pack to compliment your new Asian Fantasy Weapons!