• 2020-04-10
    New Releases Dark Horror Cinematic Music Vol.1, Dark Horror ME Perfect Collection
    It's nearly Easter and that means its a time for *checks notes*... Horror? *wait are we sure on that, it seems... ok*

    That's right, its time for Horror! Let's check out the new packs! *this still doesn't seem right...*

    Going first, we have Dark Horror Cinematic Music Vol.1! 39 BGM, 10 BGS, and 20 ME all combining eerie atmospheric sfx, orchestration, and piano to create a haunting atmosphere. This pack will put your players on the edge of their seats.

    Read more on the RPGMakerWeb Store and on Steam!

    Next up, we have the Dark Horror ME Perfect Collection. 100 more Music Events designed to punctuate the death, suspense, and surprise of your next horror game. Add that extra flair to the events in your game!

    Read more on the RPGMakerWebStore and on Steam!

    And for our deal of the week, get 20% off of Visustella Modern City Vol 1 until April 16th!