• 2020-05-07
    New Releases - Train Station Asset Pack, Orc Voices
    It's another week and we MAY have some new releases for you... OK, yeah, even I thought that one was bad. Let's look at the new packs!

    Every game can use a fast travel system, and what better way to travel fast than the Japanese train system! Designed for VX Ace, the Train Station Asset Pack includes a plethora of tiles to build a train station, as well as animated sprites for several station animals, such as the Station Master Cat!

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    Voices shouldn't just be for Heroes! How about adding some life to orcs, trolls, ogres or any other gruff sounding fantasy enemies! Or maybe add an Orc hero! This set of voices includes 151 voice lines and grunts for attacks, pain, declarations of killing and more!

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    And for our Deal of the Week, pick up the Essential Fantasy Music Pack for 15% off until March 14th!