• 2020-05-22
    New Releases: Animations Select - Fire, Kiwi Glace
    Another week, another release day! (Honest question, how do I write this opening every week without it getting repetitive? Help me out guys!) Two new packs, you know the deal, let's get going!

    First up, we have a new set of Animations with Animations Select - Fire! Rather than a broad spectrum like the Collections, the Select sets will focus on a more narrow theme, but go more in depth! And for the first set, let's focus on bringing your fire mage's true power out!

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    Next up, we have a versatile music pack from Ayato Sound Create, Kiwi Glace! 22 tracks stretching across several styles: Acoustic, EDM, Lofi, and more! Be sure to listen in over on the Soundcloud Link to get a better idea of how it fits into your game!

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    And for our Deal of the Week, get 15% off of Seraph Circle: Monster Pack 3 until the 28th!