• 2020-06-24
    New Releases: Classic Heroes Vol.2, Light Novel Pop Music Vol.1
    We know you are all still processing the exciting RPG Maker MZ news from last night, but that doesn't change that it's RELEASE DAY! Let's get ready for more heroes and more music!

    Following up on the first Classic Heroes pack, Classic Heroes Vol.2 gives you 4 more fantastic fantasy hero designs. Each with two skin tone variations, we add the Male Dragoon, Female Dragoon, Male Thief, and Female Thief. The set includes busts, facesets, SV battlers, and a hi-res shot of each character for resizing.

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

    We could all probably do with making some bright and cheerful games right now, and for that, we need some bright and cheerful music! If that sounds good for you, check out the 25 pop BGM, 10 BGS, & 20 ME of the new Light Novel Pop Music Vol.1!

    Read more on the RPG Maker Web Store or on Steam!

    And for our Deal of the Week, get 10% off of the first Classic Heroes to match with our new Classic Heroes Vol.2 until next Thursday!