• 2020-07-21
    RPG Maker MZ is now available for preorder!

    RPG Maker MZ is now available for preorder!

    ● RPG Maker MZ - standalone pre-purchase (full price: $79.99)

    Preorder is available here:
    RPG Maker MZ store page: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/comingsoon/rpg-maker-mz

    Preorder now to take advantage of the following bonuses!


    【Bonus 1】RPG Maker MZ includes the 2 following bonus DLC:

    ・Character Generator parts for MZ
    To extend the RPG Maker MZ Character Generator even MORE, you will receive the Character Generator Pack. A wealth of parts, with a special highlight on children and elderly parts, will help you create even more variations for your heroes, villains, and NPCs!

    ・MV and MZ Remix Music Pack
    Additionally, you will receive the MV and MZ Remix Music Pack, which contains 26 remixes of tracks from the MV and MZ default resources. This pack also contains 4 original tracks, for a total of 30 new songs!

    You will also later be able to purchase each of these DLC individually.


    【Bonus 2】FREE RPG Maker MV with each purchase (time limited)
    Every preorder RPG Maker MZ comes with a free key to RPG Maker MV, usable right away.

    You can either start learning RPG Maker with MV while you wait for the release of MZ, or if you already own MV you can give it away to a friend.


    【Bonus 3】10% discount off of RPG Maker MZ during preorder. And an additional 10% if you already have RPG Maker MV
    During the preorder, you can purchase RPG Maker MZ for $71.99.

    And for those who already own RPG Maker MV, you get an additional 10% discount! Get MZ for only $63.99.


    Pre-purchase now!
    ⇒ RPG Maker MZ store :https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/comingsoon/rpg-maker-mz

    ※About Pre-purchasing RPG Maker MZ:
    On transaction completion you will receive the files and key for RPG Maker MV and can use it right away. You will also receive the key to RPG Maker MZ which you can activate on Steam. However RPG Maker MZ files, and all the DLC files will only be delivered on the release date of RPG Maker MZ.