• 2020-08-07
    New Releases: Creepy Terrifying Horror Music, User Interface Material 5
    Today we’ve got resources that will satisfy those who like spooky and sweet alike! Get ready to create the perfect nightmare soundscape with Creepy Terrifying Horror Music and update your game’s message boxes with adorable additions thanks to the fifth User Interface Material pack.

    First up is a pack meant to send shivers up and down your player’s spine.  Creepy Terrifying Horror Music contains 15 heart-pounding songs that can find a home in any dark corner of your game. Bring the fear of being chased to life with pulsing songs, or instill wariness into your player while they explore any abandoned buildings that they definitely shouldn’t be in.

    Want to make that old mansion the player has to explore a bit more spooky while still feeling fancy? There’s a song for that. Bring a sense of loneliness to your game while your player wanders dark graveyards or catacombs, and leave them unsettled when the music shifts to a steady thrum telling them to run! Piano music has never sounded so sinister, and orchestral themes ooze with malicious intent in this pack.

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    For those of you looking for the perfect window to match your cute game, look no further! This pack includes 40 new windowskins and 40 titles screen frames that would make a food-themed game look even sweeter with a chocolate theme or a western feel wilder with a poster or gunslinger windowskin. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, biohazard frames exist to warn all players of potential dangers they’ll be facing and if you just want a simpler windowskin you still have plenty of options in this pack from polka dots to Chinese-inspired filigree.

    This pack also includes 120 new icons inspired by the windowskins to update your game’s UI and 8 new SD character images and faces. Get ready to add an adorable witch, a coffee-loving cowgirl, or even a bunny girl into your game, because once you see them you won’t want to leave them out!

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