Free Game Bundle 2

In this bundle, we have assembled four more of the best games made with RPG Maker VX and VX Ace! These four games were selected for their technical prowess, popularity, and critical acclaim. They are a sample of what advanced users can do with the simple-yet-powerful tools of RPG Maker. Future bundles will also include games from RPG Maker VX Ace. Who knows? Your game could be one of those included!

If you're an aspiring game developer, here's our challenge to you: play these games! Enjoy them, learn from them, and be inspired by them!

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Explore a surrealistic world in this acclaimed entry to the 2011 RMN Summer Games Contest, created by Anaryu, Krisanna, and Solitayre!

The world of Aetherion, a strange place where dreams and reality are closely intertwined, is under threat from otherworldly entities called Raythe. To protect the world from the Raythe, the ARC Institute was founded: their goal is to study and protect against the Aether, the mysterious realm from which Raythe originate. Take on the role of Edan, a new initiate at the ARC Institute, as he learns the secrets of the Aether and takes up his mission to protect the world from the looming nightmares that threaten it.

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Created with RPG Maker VX.

Homework Salesman

Take part in a life simulation game with an emphasis on dungeon exploration, completing quests, crafting new equipment and items, and befriending the people in town!

Created by Diedrupo and Ronove, Homework Salesman tells the story of Reniat, who returns to her home village after years away at boarding school to find that the village is nearly deserted. The mine that the village depended on heavily for boosting its economy and tourism has been overrun by monsters and no one has bothered doing anything about it. Having trained as an adventurer, she decides to see what she can do about reviving the town and making a name for herself in the world.

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Created with RPG Maker VX Ace.

I Miss The Sunrise

"Where were you when the universe ended?"

Created by Deltree, I Miss the Sunrise is an all-new prequel to 2009's The Reconstruction. Featuring strategic battles, player-created weapons, and unique gameplay around every turn, I Miss the Sunrise is an RPG experience like no other. Featuring an atypical health system, character creator, deep NPC interaction, fast and strategic turn-based battles, and more!

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Created with RPG Maker VX.

Visions And Voices

"They said I'd die. They said I'd die and go to heaven."

Visions & Voices (by Crazetex and Karsuman) is an exploration-based RPG set in the Montfort village. One man, the Wanderer, has decided to brave the village and figure out what is going on - why the people are vanishing, and why those who don't are going insane. Enter the village, if you dare - but who are you do stop the apotheosis of a madman?

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Created with RPG Maker VX.