Sample Games

RPG Maker VX Ace - Crysalis


Crysalis – the water of life. For generations, people lived their lives, blessed by the divine water. After finding out from the king that the town Ciuna’s Crysalis spring has run dry, Mio, a Crysalis researcher, is called in.

Go on an epic journey with Mio, and friends. Beautiful maps, elegant music, and fun areas to explore! A game made with RPG Maker VX Ace – our newest engine. It’s free!

Created by Rene P, please note that some music files included in the game are created by Rene P and they are copyrighted. So please remember that you are not allowed to use or distribute these copyrighted music files in other projects.

RPG Maker XP - KNight-Blade -Howling Of Kerberos-

KNight-Blade -Howling Of Kerberos-
KNight-Blade -Howling Of Kerberos-
KNight-Blade -Howling Of Kerberos-

This is a SF fighting game you can enjoy, riding a robot called Assault Gear. The game is based on the basic functions of "RPG MAKER XP" By playing this game, you'll understand what kind of games you can make by "RPG MAKER XP".

In 2077, after World War IV, Cain Graywood, betrayed by the Elite and having his friends killed, enters the headquarters of the Elite for revenge. What awaited him was the strongest armored forces, with the forbidden super weapon "EX-ARMS".

IG Maker - Sample Games Pack

HD Shooting
HD Action RPG
HD Platformer

This is a sample pack of game files created with IG Maker. All of the games are playtest-ready and have amazing examples of IG Maker functions and features already set up in them!

This pack includes multiple examples of Action RPGs, Platformers, and even 2D Shooters. Please note that IG Maker is required to open the files.