Installation Guide

Installing RPG Maker MV

Hi there,

Here is some information about downloading and installing RPG Maker MV.

For step by step installation instructions (including screenshots), check out our installation guide here.

The following file is for the RPG Maker MV program set-up:

The following file is the current update for RPG Maker MV program, to be used if you have an older version of the program (such as a trial version) installed: RPGMV_W110_UPD.exe


The following file includes plug-ins – an optional set of materials that changes or enhances RPG Maker MV's features:

The following files include graphical and/or audio resources – optional material you may add to your projects: , ExtraAssets.exe ,

How to use Download and install directions: Click to download each file to a directory on your computer. Once the file has been downloaded, right-click and choose “Extract Files”. This will place the contents of the zip into your directory.

For Program files, double-click the setup file and follow the on-screen directions to install and launch the program. Once the program is launched, enter the product key to activate the program. Extra files may be added to project on an individual basis. Once you know which files you wish to add to your game, open your game project and copy/paste the files to the appropriate folders. If you need assistance with this task or encounter any errors, please contact us.

To claim your CD key on Steam please do the following: Launch your Steam application and log into your account.
At the very top of the application, click on Games > Activate a product on Steam …
Follow the prompts to enter your product key and activate your product.