Omega Modern Graphics Pack

Omega Modern Graphics Pack

Massiveness alert! OMEGA MODERN is a new style with clean pixels and bright colors. Let your imagination run wild with this massive collection that has everything you need to build an entire game!


Urban Slow Piano Vol.1

Omega Modern Graphics Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace


First of all, this pack is massive. Second of all, it's very well crafted by the creater of the beloved Time Fantasy series.

This pack includes over one hundred character sprites as well as the sprites of animals, aliens and robots. Each human character also has a face graphic, and sixteen of them have fully animated side-view battlers so they can be used as heroes. Each monster has an overworld walking sprite as well as an image to be used in side-view combat. On top of that, extra character sets are included for cars, vehicles, treasure chests, switches, and special effects!

26 tilesets-- including autotiled water, terrain and buildings-- provide a variety of options for creative locations. Forests, caves, towns and cities are a given-- there's also tiles for a school, a science lab and more. House and building tiles can be mix-and-matched for even more options in creating your game world. Also included: a huge set of icons for items, weapons, equipment as well as the system graphics needed to keep your game looking good with a single consistent style: emotion balloons, animated state icons, and even four different window skins. All of it is designed to work together!

If this pack is anything it's a steal of deal!




  • Tileset: 26 sheets total listed below: 
  • TileA x 10 sheets: Tiles for ground, water, buildings, walls, floors, dungeons, nature, towns
  • TileB x 12 sheets: Massive graphic tiles to decorate dungeons, inside houses / buildings, outside nature, towns, high tech facilities 
  • TileC x 4 sheets: Tiles to create exterior of buildings in towns such as police, school, bar, lab, office and more! 
  • Walking sprites: 224 total - animals x 16, cars x 8, characters x 112, monsters x 40, vehicles x 8, zombies x 40 
  • Facesets: 104 face graphics
  • Monster Battlers: 59 side-view battler graphics
  • SV Battlers: 16 characters
  • Animations: 11 sheets total - fire, flag, chests, crystal, doors, objects, switches 
  • System graphics to match the pixel style: 9 sheets total - balloons, icons, states, weapons x 2 sheets, window skins x 4 colors
  • Compatible with RPG Maker VX-Ace and MV!
  • Bonus:  1x1 scale contents for use in RPG Maker 2000 / 2003
  • The contents and assets of this pack can ONLY be used for RPG Maker and Visual Novel games.