Zombie Survival Graphic Pack

Zombie Survival Graphic Pack

Are you prepared to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?


Zombie Survival Graphic Pack

We regret to announce that we have had to remove the Zombie Survival Graphic Pack from all official RPG Maker stores.

This is due to receiving a report that some of the battler graphic assets in the pack may have been infringing on another person's work.

We have been unable to ascertain for certain if the creator of the pack intentionally copied someone else’s work or not, but as the official platform for RPG Maker, we cannot allow even unintentional instances of infringement. We strongly believe that this decision will benefit all RPG Maker fans and users to build a stronger platform.

If you have already purchased the pack, please refrain from using it for commercial purposes.

As always, we remain highly motivated to continue making RPG Maker a creative hub for users all around the world, and it is the continued support from you, our users and fans, which has brought us to where we are today.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

The RPG Maker team

Zombie Survival Graphic Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace

The dead might be rising, and it's up to your adventurers to stop them in their tracks. But can they prevail against the hordes of mindless, starving zombies?

Created by Lunarea, this set is a smashing compilation of familiar (tiles in the same style as the Modern Day set) and new (unique character template, faceset and battlers - coming soon!). Whether you're mapping a science lab where it all started, the town and shelters where you found cover, or the military base where you find the weapons to make your final stand, we've got you covered!

This pack contains:

  • 2 full character sheets (16 characters total)
  • Animated character tiles (doors, chests, burning objects and more)
  • 2 complete face sets that match the characters (16 total)
  • Auto-tiles A3, A4 and a full tile A5
  • Outside of shelters, streets and homes (full Tile B)
  • Military base and scientific lab (full Tile C)
  • Hospital, shelter and church (full Tile D)
  • Extras: zombie art, character poses and system graphics (windowskin and custom fog)