Wild Steam Resource Pack

Wild Steam Resource Pack

Are you ready for a wild west Steampunk adventure?


Fantastic Buildings: Medieval

Wild Steam Resource Pack

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace

We are very pleased to bring you the first pack in the 2nd Generation of Pioneer Valley Games resources! The 2nd Generation focuses less on giving you a set quantity of graphics and more on giving you control over your resources. Instead of characters, you have character pieces that allow you to create thousands of unique character combinations. Each pack is compatible with all of the previous, giving you a virtually limitless amount of customization options!

In this pack, you will find essentials needed to create your own custom walking spritesheets in 4 and 8 directions (8 frames of animation), idle animations in 4 and 8 directions, pose sets, running spritesheets in 4 and 8 directions, busts, facesets (both have 8 emotional states), paperdolls, and - most excitingly – animated side-view battlers! More than 70 different animations are included, allowing you to create thousands of unique animated side-view battlers. All character animations in the 2nd Generation packs have been remastered to give your characters much higher quality movement than ever before.

But wait, there's more! You can create your own horses, and even cooler, your own high-powered Automatons, switching around a number of different torso and leg pieces for a total of 128 unique combinations (which will increase when more pieces are released!).

~Jesse, PVGames

This pack contains:

  • 10 base character templates: 5 males, 5 females, all of varying ethnicity including some fantastical. Each template has walking, running, idle, pose, animated battler spritesheets, 8 busts, facesets, and a paperdoll.
  • Over 200 clothing and equipment options that fit the base templates and all of their resources.
  • 24 automaton pieces, plus a bonus Steam Dragon!
  • 3 base horse templates plus saddle and saddlebag add-ons.
  • Nearly 700 Steam Machine pieces for you to build your own devices, machines, and contraptions, Steam-powered or otherwise. It's like Legos but without the pain when you step on them!
  • Approximately 20 tilesets containing numerous indoor, outdoor, cave, shop, home, and mechanical tiles, plus 19 animated character spritesheets (there is even an animated tumbleweed!)
  • Also included is an RPG Maker VX Ace demo with a few sample maps and several pre-assembled tilesets, passabilities set and all! Also included is a set of modular scripts from the RPG Maker Web Forum’s very own Dekita, which give you greater control over your character's animations and spritesheets. Several How-To guides for using some of these resources are also included, as well as two template files to aid you with building your animated battlers.